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As the sky becomes more congested and climate change brings increased variable flying conditions, aviators have more to contend with. Wingman is an evolution in pilot support, increasing situational awareness, reducing distractions and building confidence.


Here's how it works:


  • Wingman is continuously scanning for aircraft within a 30 mile range

  • If an aircraft violates your selected safety envelop the 3D sound will begin

  • You'll hear 3D sound - similar to a doppler effect

  • Instinctively, your gaze will adjust towards the incoming aircraft guided by the 3D sound

  • Face-tracking on your device synchronises with the audio signals to help you find traffic in seconds

  • All incoming radio transmissions will disable Wingman 3D sound momentarily and take priority


Once you've zoned in on the nearby aircraft you'll hear a 'lock-on' tone - turn the 3D signal off with a quick tap once you've spotted the aircraft.

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Why 3D sound is so effective:

  • Poor visibility due to bad lighting conditions inside or outside the cockpit

  • Weather conditions create factors for pilots to continually assess

  • Internal instruments, cockpit distractions and pilot blind spots

  • All combine to create an overwhelmingly high number of visual cues for the pilot

3D sound cuts through the distractions. We all have a natural response mechanism to sound, moving our gaze towards the source. By using 3D sound and head tracking, Wingman helps you to lock-on to nearby aircrafts in seconds.

Why 3D sound is so effective:


Airspace and aircraft are evolving, with more aircraft and systems to monitor, increasing workload and eroding the pilot's situational awareness. Wingman is the extra eyes and ears all aviators need. Apply for our Beta Test Program today

Fly with confidence

Fly with Wingman

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What you need to make Wingman operational:

ADS-B receiver - such as Stratus

iOS device

Stereo aviation headset with bluetooth

or line-in capability

Asset 15_2x.png
Mobile_2x 1.png

The sky is evolving -  Download Wingman today, the extra eyes and ears all aviators need, get back to thriving in the sky.

Fly with confidence

Fly with Wingman

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